What are the rules for penalty enforcement?
The rules comply with ITU competition rules.

What is the withdraw/refund/name change policy?
By March 15th:

  • You can move your registration for next year free of charge.

By April 15th:

  • If you cancel your registration, you will have refund of 50% of your entry fee minus bank fees.

By May 1st:

  • You can pass slot to someone, with cost of 16€.
  • Changing one relay member is free of charge if relay categorie remains the same. If relay categorie is changing, cost of procedure is 16€.

After May 1st no changes are possible, if you can not attend the race please send your home address to us, and we will send your start package.

In case of withdraw/refund/name change, please send email to – info@zadarhalf.com

Where does the swimming start?
Race/swim will start from the beach.

What is the weather typically like on race day?
Middle of May, average air temperatures are 25°C, while sea temperature is 19°C. Usually there is no wind if the weather is sunny and dry.

Are disc wheels, TT helmets and long clip-on bars allowed?
Yes, they are allowed for middle distance race.