30 August 2020

With all Long Distance races across Europe cancelled, we received several emails asking could we organize a Long Distance race along with our Half Distance one.
Yes, we can! But:
– Limit would be 12, max 12:30 hours
– Field of minimum 10, maximum 25 competitors
– In addition to already registered half distance athletes who want to upgrade the distance, the newcomers are free to join
We kindly ask all athletes interested in Long Distance competition to contact us ASAP at: info@zadarhalf.com
When we reach numbers, and NLT 15.09, we will present our idea.
PS. Zadarhalf preparations are going as planned,  no obstacles to holding the event.


14 August 2020

There are no indications what so ever that the Zadarhalf race is in jeopardy to be canceled due to Covid-19.

We will enforce highest Covid-19 prevention standards, and are looking forward to give you the best memories.

For more info please check our Covid-19 tab.


03 August 2020

Not so far from Zadarhalf, on a beautiful island, you can be a part of a rising star on triathlon sky!!!

Date is 19.09. and to make decision even easier, all TLI (triathlon long island) 2020 participants are entitled to 25% discount for regular prices of Zadarhalf 2020 and 2021 edition!!!

Just contact us at marketing@zadarhalf.com when you register for TLI and be ready to enjoy #zadar_region


26 July 2020

We are strongly advise you to reconsider this option:

If Zadarhalf race is cancelled due to Covid-19 or if you withdraw your registration until September 30th 2020 due to any reason, we will refund the 100% of the starting fee, which you paid (the €25 of the cancellation insurance fee will not be refunded).

Cancellation insurance can be bought only during registration procedure.

If there is no race cancellation and you start at the race 2020, the €25 of cancellation insurance fee will be moved to 2021 edition as your entry fee deposit.