Start List – 13.10.2018

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BIZJAK Matjaž M45 Slovenia MDT-Single +
NOVAK Sandi M45 Slovenia MDT-Single +
PIŠPEK Alen M50 Croatia MDT-Single +
TVETEN Nina F35 Norway MDT-Single +
KRSTIĆ Romano M35 Croatia MDT-Single +
LYSTRUP Christine F35 Norway MDT-Single +
MICHELÍK Ján M50 Slovakia MDT-Single +
REPŠE Gorazd M35 Slovenia MDT-Single +
KUCHARCIK Peter M40 Slovakia MDT-Single +
LOIPOLD Hannes M55 Austria MDT-Single +
Dr. KIS-GÁL Árpád M45 Hungary MDT-Single +
SCHÖFBÄNKER Herbert M55 Austria MDT-Single +
MAYER Matej M35 Slovakia MDT-Single +
GÁBOR Jakus M40 Hungary MDT-Single +
VRGOČ Ivica M40 Croatia MDT-Single +
JANKOVIĆ Miroslav M35 Croatia MDT-Single
KUCERA Vaclav M30 Czech Rep. MDT-Single
PAVELKA Libor M40 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
PAVLÍK Miroslav M55 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
STOCHOVÁ Markéta F40 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
PERINA Juraj M35 Slovakia MDT-Single +
PETRUŠKOVÁ Marcela F45 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
HORÁK Jiří M40 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
SMÉKALOVÁ Jitka F35 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
NEVŘALA Michal M35 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
JAVURKOVA Petra F35 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
BALABANIČ Damjan M35 Slovenia MDT-Single
PAPAJOVÁ Lenka F45 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
GREPO Josip M35 Croatia MDT-Single +
GRBEŠA Jakov M40 Croatia MDT-Single +
WEIMANN Jakub M45 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
PALECEK Lubomir M45 Slovakia MDT-Single
CVANCIGER Vedran M45 Croatia MDT-Single +
PARAVAN Dejan M40 Slovenia MDT-Single
VEJNOVIĆ Miloš M30 BiH MDT-Single
HRNCAR Michal M35 Slovakia MDT-Single +
SIBAL Jan M40 Czech Rep. MDT-Single
MANDUŠIĆ Igor M45 Croatia MDT-Single
OPPOLZER Jan M35 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
VACKOVÁ Iveta F35 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
JENDRYKA Zbynek M35 Czech Rep. MDT-Single +
GORNIK Ivan M45 Croatia MDT-Single +
TURNSEK Janez M40 Slovenia MDT-Single
MILOŠEVIĆ Dalibor M40 BiH MDT-Single
ŠPAN Nino M25 Slovenia MDT-Single
MALOVIĆ VASSUNG Mirela F45 Croatia MDT-Single
LOZIĆ Ivan M35 Croatia MDT-Single
MURESAN Bogdan M Austria MDT-Relay +
KESZTHELYI Zoltan M Austria MDT-Relay +
HORMAZABAL Pedro M Austria MDT-Relay +
JELIČIĆ Siniša M Croatia MDT-Relay +
BARIŠIĆ Miro M Croatia MDT-Relay +
ŠTABA Želimir M Croatia MDT-Relay +
PAVELKA Tobi X Czech Rep. MDT-Relay +
HORÁKOVÁ Eva X Czech Rep. MDT-Relay +
PAVELKOVÁ Oli X Czech Rep. MDT-Relay +
KRALJ REPŠE Anita F Slovenia Run Race +
SZALO Dalma F-A Hungary Kids AQ +
STOCH Matyáš Karel M-C Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
STOCHOVÁ Barbora F-B Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
PAVELKA Tobi M-C Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
PAVELKOVÁ Steli F-C Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
HORÁK Matěj M-B Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
HORÁKOVÁ Tereza F-A Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
PETRUŠKA Tomáš M-C Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
PAPAJ Tobias M-C Czech Rep. Kids AQ +
PARAĆ Vito M-A Croatia Kids AQ +
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